01 November 2007


Well, week 5. Going through last 3 weeks of am, I’ve just realized that I’m not pushing myself enough, do the best I could in my assignments. For the last two weeks, I’ve left my assignment for the weekend, as it was my hobby or something; playing video games(why valve has to make such great games: TF2, HL2:EP2, Portal), net surfing, etc. and during this time dealing with my assignment on and off. In addition to this, I spent most of my time calculating the position and time of ball using physics laws (I can’t help it, it’s an engineering habit) and forgetting that animation is an art form. In fact, I should have had fun animating the scene instead of bothering with technicalities. Besides when you leave your assign to Sunday, surely you get the least possible comments/feedbacks from mentors and your classmates, which is a very bad thing. I guess our greatest/ruthless enemy is again ourselves. Inner voice:h=1/2gt^2(shut up!). From now on, I’ll try my best. Although the results may turn out to be crappy, I’ll know that I’ve pushed myself to some limit. Henceforth, R.Williams’ famous saying will be my first priority principle: “Animation is CONCENTRATION”.