04 December 2007

First things first

So where is the animation? What kind of an animator I am? What is my style? You will get all your questions answered with this fancy bouncing ball animation. OK OK, not really but this animation is important for me because it was my first animation assignment. So here it comes! You will find the revised version on my upcoming progress reel.

03 December 2007

(Hotel) Animator vs (Motel) Animator

OK, time to post! I mean we have reached week 10 but my last message is from week 5. The reason behind this is right now I am having hard time to even submit my assignments on time (also generally not happy with the results) so what to post? Last post become a lie then? Partially yes, partially no because you know it isn't totally my fault, work? (inner voice:excuses, excuses, excuses-hey, you again?). Anyway during writing my last sentence, a funny thought came into my mind, which I will now use it as my topic. I won't talk about it much and it is this: People sometimes ask about what I'm dealing with or what will I do in future when I say I want to be an animator nearly all of them understands animator as "tourism animators" working in hotels who try to cheer up people, run fun activities etc. It is kinda like when my father says he is metallurgy engineer it is understood as meteorology engineer and then comes some silly questions like how is the weather? This shows how a certain job type is underrated or unknown in a certain population, showing that animation sector in Turkey is like non-existent at all. I hope it will change in near future but nowadays I think there is no real reason for a good animator to stay in Turkey unless he is too idealist(runs his studio), does not have enough resources or no risk-taker. Hmm, I think I made my goal public:)
Anyway,back to work, here are some stu poses which did not qualify to be submitted as assigns. In order(left to right):Devastated, strength, excited, devas2. In stu pose assigns, I generally try to avoid cartoon cliches(that have strong sense of certain emotions) and both achieve orginality and strong feel but I know I am not quite there yet.