01 December 2013

Sneaky Captain & Parkour animations

New post, after one year, haha. This is an animation I created during ianimate feature workshop 3. Needs rendering, refining.

And this was for a body mechanics animation competition.

12 December 2012

A little bit rigging

I've done couple of animations for this character recently. The rig was built by me with abautorig. Rig and animations (this one is just testing though-game anims are more simple) will be used in a soccer game.

09 October 2012

Ongoing Personal Projects - Blocking phase

I started doing this project with a different blocking technique: Splocking. It will be a very long one, around 2300 frames. Let's see what the outcome will be. Here is the first blocking part:

And the other one is horse running-falling thing. I am not very happy with the pace and timing of the run so maybe I'll redo the thing all together.

I think I am going to finish these after I complete the tests with the ianimate rigs.

Some caricatures

I love drawing caricatures, especially weird and creative ones.

I think the world of art needs originality and creativity more than technical perfection nowadays. But of course, if the two goes together: awesomeness.

29 September 2012

Brick Test Cycle

Here is an idle cycle I did in a couple of hours to test Ianimate's Brick rig. I wish the model had proper leg structure to have more appeal.

Ianimate Rigging Assignments

Ianimate Rigging Workshop is going pretty well. Our instructor, Daniel Belair is a very versatile and knowledgeable teacher. There is so much to learn in the field of rigging and he is encouraging us to develop our own ways of rigging, which is very helpful in terms of research opportunities and analytical thinking. Here are some examples of our assignments, done by me:

Joint placement for UDK:

Cartoony eye rigging:

Basic snake rigging:

FK and IK leg rigging:

Vehicle moving on an uneven ground, following a motion path by itself (front wheels rotating towards the path direction, rotating wheels etc.). Wheels sticking on the ground was done by using "transfer attributes" tool. There are still some problems with front-back axle blending and thus snappy reaction of the body because of the axles. I'll try to correct them.

This week and next week we are going to learn some basic python scripting which I believe will be very useful for us in future. I'll also try to rig a spider model to test some of my skills.

04 September 2012

IAnimate Excitement

I'll be taking ianimate Rigging Workshop starting from this month. Apart from learning rigging for games extensively (instead of relying heavily on auto-rigging plug-ins/scripts), I am also planning to follow Games Animation Workshop-1 on my own. I am thinking about doing these animations on my 14 week journey:

-Idle cycle (Brick)
-Attack cycle (Redback)
-Turn cycle (Lisa)
-Obstacle jump (Dennis)
-Run-Jump-Run (Skyscraper)
-Object Pick Up/Throw (Superman)
-Quadruped Walk to Run (Chase)

I will use a different rig for each exercise to challenge myself, to learn as many rigs as possible. I will post my progress on this blog so stay tuned!