28 February 2010

Jungle Jail

I hadn't seen this until 2 months ago. I found it on aniboom as the most viewed and liked animation. It is kinda weird but I discovered aniboom pretty recently too. Well in fact, I heard its name way before but never viewed the site before; for some reason I don't really know:) Anyway, this short is a very nice piece in terms of snappy and cartoony animation. The story is quite original too.

Jungle Jail from Al Duccino on Vimeo.

Let's welcome some Banksy art

My sister showed me some of his art and I couldn't resist to post some. These satirical pieces of art are done by Banksy, a pseudonymous graffiti artist from England:

His web site is: http://www.banksy.co.uk
And here is the trailer of his film, "Exit Through The Gift Shop". It will be in UK cinemas on "March 5th" his web site says and it is mostly about how these art pieces are created; I think?