27 February 2009

2d or 3d?

Street painting: done by Manfred Stader and Edgar Muller.

Imagination, artistry and effort... And the illusion in the end. Just brilliant!

More can be found here!

By the way, two posts in the same day. I think I'm getting in form.

Double Fine

Ok, let's keep this thing going and alive! I have recently visited Stephen Gregory's blog . He has some nice tutorials and stuff, check it out. He is a former pixar animator, now working at Double Fine Studio with Tim Schafer. And who is Tim Schafer? Double Fine's head and one of the makers of superb old adventure titles like Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Full Throttle. Double Fine is also the producer of Psychonauts, a great adventure/rpg game! I didn't have the time to finish the game but it was one of the games that you genuinely feel that you are in a different world. There are very few titles that have this kind of effect on me. Anyways, I visited their site:

Double Fine
and that led me to a good laugh (amazing posts) and this:
where you can download very high-res images of the titles I mentioned above so that you can have them on your wall as posters.