10 December 2011

Animschool video lecture introduction

ianimate 2011 Member Showcase

iAnimate.net 2011 show reel from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Animation Mentor Showcase 2011


This is a great video reference analysis software that I translated its UI into Turkish some time ago. I think it is widely used by sports industry but it is definitely very valuable for animators too. It has some awesome features like adding perspective planes, chronometers on anywhere on the screen, measuring tools, frame-by frame analysis, two synchronized windows, motion trajectory, drawing/writing on the video, etc. Download it here:


03 November 2011


This is an animation I did in 2 days. It was kinda a speed animation challenge for me. The rig is named Bee-boy and you can find it on http://www.creativecrash.com/ . Lightsaber rig is at the same location.

25 April 2011


I love this animation. So well done and with a nice tune:

Apache from oneedo on Vimeo.


Today, I tried to refine my walkcycle animation a bit. Also made the animation turntable.

Walkcycle-refined from Eray Kiranoglu on Vimeo.

24 April 2011

RSAnimate videos

I have decided to translate these speeches into Turkish because I think they offer a much more dense and faster way to educate and inform people, compared to non-graphical videos or speeches. I am going to put the subtitled videos on a seperate blog, namely: http://rsanimatetr.blogspot.com/

RSA'dan izin alarak Animate videolarını Türkçe'ye çevirmek istedim. Zamanım oldukça yeni çevirileri ekleyeceğim. Kendim ve izleyen herkes adına faydalı olmasını umuyorum. Videoları upload edeceğim adres bu:
İlk videoyu buraya da post ediyorum. Sonra upload edilecekleri blog'dan takip edebilirsiniz.

My 11sc-March 2011 entry

It requires some extra work in terms of lipsync, simplification and polishing so I'll post a revised version soon.

11sc - March 2011 entry from Eray Kiranoglu on Vimeo.

26 March 2011

Peanuts pencil tests

A new movie, named "Happiness is a warm blanket, Charlie Brown" will come out on March 29th. It is not a feature length movie, it has 46 min running time and won't be in theathers, only on DVD&Blu-ray but it's something nonetheless. I love Peanuts, probably both because i had some of its comic books during my childhood (a nostalgic approach) and love the mannerisms of the characters, distinct designs/animations of a well-established world and of course the funny plot that is very contrasted through the characters' general calmness.

Here is the pencil test video (which is nice to see because it gives us the chance to see the animations in a much more plain, direct way):

Here is the trailer: