06 May 2008


The work that comes from this school usually fascinates me. I think it is clearly one of the best animation schools in the world. (Besides animationmentor of course) And it is not just the animation. Graphics, composition, sound design and stories are usually pretty well handled. My favourite of 2007 is "Blind spot" and here is a link to the all shorts of 2007:



Francisco Javier Loredo said...

Hey Eray! Whats going on man?

Thanks so much for stopping by! It means a lot!

Yeah man I'll be 24 this Sunday, so I'm very happy!

Dude! I want to see some of you class 3 stuff! I'll continue checking out your blog for updates.

Take care man!


Fozy said...

lol wow that was awesome..

Francisco Javier Loredo said...

Hey Eray!

Look forward to start soon and hope to see you around campus!

You have any new stuff?
See you in Jan!