25 May 2010

My Annecy Youtube Contest short: Shleeping

This is a short that I prepared for the annecy youtube contest. It is my first 2d animation. I think the idea/story was good, but just not very well executed due to the lack of experience&technique. The bad parts are: I tried to keep the character alive by drawing similar poses during the holds but they were too many and caused lots of wobbling. The connection between sequences aren't that good. Same for some of the jumping animations. Also, I shouldn't have placed same jump patterns one after another. I didn't bother much with music and sounds so they are not appealing as well. But it was a good experience in terms of motivating myself and getting used drawing on tablet pc, which may help me later in planning my cg shots.
In conclusion, as I said before, the idea was good but I should have spent more time on it to make it a successful piece. Anyway, in the end, experience is experience and I'm happy with it.