29 September 2012

Ianimate Rigging Assignments

Ianimate Rigging Workshop is going pretty well. Our instructor, Daniel Belair is a very versatile and knowledgeable teacher. There is so much to learn in the field of rigging and he is encouraging us to develop our own ways of rigging, which is very helpful in terms of research opportunities and analytical thinking. Here are some examples of our assignments, done by me:

Joint placement for UDK:

Cartoony eye rigging:

Basic snake rigging:

FK and IK leg rigging:

Vehicle moving on an uneven ground, following a motion path by itself (front wheels rotating towards the path direction, rotating wheels etc.). Wheels sticking on the ground was done by using "transfer attributes" tool. There are still some problems with front-back axle blending and thus snappy reaction of the body because of the axles. I'll try to correct them.

This week and next week we are going to learn some basic python scripting which I believe will be very useful for us in future. I'll also try to rig a spider model to test some of my skills.

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